1. Assessing Departures and destinations

Every single day, our team goes through a list of the most popular airports in all parts of the world.  From there, we can establish any random destination for each airport and manually find the cheapest dates to fly on.  That means a lot of date-crunching and figuring out which departure/destination combo is the cheapest.  This process alone can take up a good 3 hours to get done per person. 

Thankfully, we always end up finding deals that not even ourselves can ever pass on.  Not only that, but a few airline price errors also come our way, like the time I found a $498 CAD round-trip flight to Prague that I capitalized on (normally $1100 CAD).

We mainly use Google Flights as our base to figure out how prices fluctuate throughout the months.  However, a lot of the work is revolved around obsessing over finding the perfect date and departure/destination combination.

2. layovers and stopovers

This is the ultimate cheap flight hack, and is what we have used consistently for the last three years to travel.  Most of the time, when the price of your direct flight destination is too high, you can almost always save a lot of money by simply booking your own layovers and stopovers.  

For example, going from Montreal to Budapest normally costs on average $1250+ CAD round-trip; and that already includes an hour long layover in Paris which is already pre-determined by the airline.  However, if you first book a round-trip flight from Montreal to Reykjavik (Iceland) and then consequently book yet another round-trip flight from Reykjavik to Budapest, you could be paying $500 CAD in total instead.  

Finding that layover/stopover city for you is where we come in.

*RISKS*: booking two separate round-trip flights come with a certain risk.  Delays and airline problems can arise, so it is always safe to make sure you have enough time to catch your following flight (should these issues actually occur).  Not to worry though, here at Wanderflight, our deals are specifically picked to stifle this risk.

Layover: Period spent by a passenger at an intermediate point in waiting for a connecting flight or other form of travel.

Stopover: Deliberate and planned interruption of a journey for 24 or more hours.

3. One-Way Flying

Another cheap flight hack, although a lot more difficult to plan out, is one-way flying.  The whole process, obviously, revolves around booking one-way trips to reach your destination and back.  It isn't the most reliable trick in the book, but it can work tremendously if you take the time to plan out the cheapest route possible.

For example, last summer, I flew from Montreal to London (one-way) for $179 CAD, which then allowed me to fly to Warsaw, Poland (one-way) for $48 CAD.  Finally, I was able to fly back home from Berlin for $220 CAD.  All for $447 CAD.  In the end, I saved about $750 CAD

At Wanderflight, if you have a destination in mind, we'll get you there no matter what for at least half the price everyone else paid for it.